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What jobs do you and your sisters do?

Well mrs. Captorrrr stays at home but would love to own a bakery one day I ofpurrourse am an obgyn Jady is good with buisness and adventures alot and lisha models but could practice law at anytime


Noticed mom left her laptop open and this wwas up wwhat the hell is this


Kids wanna go to Spain I wanna go to Jamica Riskie just wants a place with a good casino and bar…

“…thanks, dads,”


Really I would be more excited about the math test too its hard a crap



This was pretty much my expression when ever Rrrrriskie would put the smack down on someone during Med School



Blllahh deliverrrring babies is HAARRRD I didn’t even get in til 3:00 a.m. … and I have to be in again at 4rrrr. Why did I ever choose to be an OBGYN! *tired* rrrrrr

So Vriska is definitely not your girlfriend? *Wink Wink*


My Kids! :3

Hey There it’s me Emerald!

Since my lovely sister Mrs. Captorrr got to introduce her kids I thought I’d do my little angel-leeches… What there not perfect angels but there not complete monsters.

First is my oldest Equius. He’s very STRRRRRONG but really he tries too be gentle and is actually quite sweet! But he takes up the towel supply like a mofo. He’s also really into animals of the four-legged horse/deer kind and he’s really fond of the muscular ones like Secretarrriat. And he’s the only non-adult in the house to have a job! I’m really proud of him!

My middle child is my sweet seahorsey Eridan. He’s ratherrrr clingy and could even be described as a douche sometimes but he tries not to be! He’s really into doomsday scenarios and historrrical battle! He also has a hard time making friends but that’s okay because someday I know he’ll find someone(or something) that makes him happy rrrrr! Maybe a wizard will help him???

Finally my youngest is my purrrr-speaking daughter Nepurrta (Nepeta). She’s very imaginative! She likes rrrroleplaying and hunting! In fact she is captain of the hunting squad at her school! She really likes spending time with her brotherrrrrs and going out to play in the forest with them!

Oh and I almost forgot my girlfriend roommate, Vriska! who is definitely not my girl friend or above the friend/best friend zone in annnnyyyywaaayyy! Rrrrrr! She helps take care of my kids in return for you know living in my house and using(breaking) all my stuff! She loves to gamble and I’m often dragged down to the casino with herrrrr XP. She also like extreme role-playing and goes to meeting every month then disappears for about a week. But it’s okay because unfortunately luckily she always returns

Well those are all my little angels.

Maybe Jade or Lisha will go next?

Mrs. Captor do your sisters have kids?

Why Yes Yes They do!